Experimental and Home Built aircraft are the fastest growing segment of general aviation. But, what is a experimental aircraft worth for insurance or re-sale?

The very nature of Experimental and Home Built aircraft dictates that No Two Are The Same.

Attention to detail, and quality of options differ from aircraft to aircraft. The NAAA appraisal process and software fairly and objectively assess the aircraft value.

Built on a budget or built as a premium level aircraft - the avionics installed on the same make and model differ dramatically. The avionics may have a substantial impact on the aircraft's value. Failure to consider the avionics would be a major error. The NAAA process does it right!

Quality of exterior finish:
Not only affects how the aircraft looks, it affects the aircraft's value. Builder to builder variation here can be extreme, and appearance affects value. Again, the NAAA appraisal process does this objectively and fairly.

What is the engine worth:
Some builders use modified automobile engines, others certified aircraft engines. Whether the aircraft has a modified Subaru engine or a Lycoming will dramatically affect value. The NAAA appraisal process utilizes the engine information to develop the aircraft's value.

When comparing professionalism, experience, knowledge, reliability, accuracy, technique, acceptance of reports by financial and government institutions, and overall quality of work, AAQAS stands far above the competition.

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